Social Networking For the Heavily Armed

image by thomas roche

Actual magnetic resonance image of the author's heart. Off-hand spread at 10 meters, by a blonde named Magdalena who made love like she killed: off-hand, spread, at 10 meters.

If you’ve got a .45 ACP Kimber Ultra Carry II in your pocket AND you’re glad to see me, you’re probably thinking what any responsible, healthy, socially-minded, red-blooded and heavily-armed adult is thinking: “Where can I, as a gun owner, find love?” Meaning other than the local roadhouse, of course, where it can cost up to $45 or $50 plus the cost of the Jack Daniels and the methamphetamine, which can get pretty steep lately, depending on the county.

The good news? Gun Lovers Passions is free. And let me tell you, does this site know a sexy come-on when it sees one or what!?!? Mas oui oui oui, mon petit chou!

Welcome to Gun Lovers Passions!

Like To Shoot Stuff?

Definitely starting off on the right foot! Though I’m not sure if they mean “stuff” as in “assault rifles” or “stuff” as in “squirrels and Democrats.” I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, but in any event, back to Gun Lovers Passions:

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