Teabaggers Add Cream to Wikileaks Scandal

Page of a U.S. Army training guide on homosexual conduct policy, from Wikipedia.

The front page of the New York Times today has a story about Pfc. Bradley Manning, the reputed source of the Afghan War Diary documents posted by Wikileaks. This isn’t the first place that it’s been disclosed that Pfc. Manning is gay, since, ferinstance, Gawker reported “strong evidence” of that back in June. But it’s provided right-wing bloggers with the opportunity to rail against the “liberal” mainstream media for not covering Pfc. Manning’s fabulous gayness until now. Speculation even before the Gawker post seems to have been that Pfc. Manning was transgender, which seems to have derived from a Facebook post in which he described himself as a drag queen.

Damn you people anyway; you always get that shit mixed up. Look, it’s very simple, people. Drag queen ≠ transgender, unless she is, or he, depending on said drag queen’s philosophical orientation and gender identity, which may exist as separate and distinct from any pink bouffant wigs and/or ten-inch platform Lucite heels s/he might be wearing. Am I getting through to you?



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