iPhone Users Do Not Have More Sex

iPhone Users Do Not Have More Sex

Yes, it's true. Every time an iPhone user gets laid...

In case you were wondering, what publicists do all day is think up the kind of shit OK Cupid pulled last week. Reported extensively in a variety of media outlets and geekblogs, the online dating site’s media coup came by saying iPhone users have more sex.

What people who write for geekblogs do all day is sit around and tell themselves that OKCupid says that iPhone users have more sex, presumably because they all have iPhones. This is sort of the techie equivalent of a German sausage maker with a handlebar mustache who stuffs pig entrails with ground meat all day while wearing a “Germans Make the Best Lovers!” wifebeater.

And who knows? Maybe they do. But if I’m that handsome devil’s nightly bed-partner, I don’t need his T-shirt to tell me one way or the other.



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