Motor City Madman Slapped Down By Golden State

ted nugent loves animals.

The Nuge loves animals so much he wears Grampa shirts that look vaguely sort of kind of like maybe snakeskin or something. U.S. Navy photo (!) of Ted Nugent, Naples, Italy, 2004. Public Domain.

Everyone knows that we here in California hate guns and America so much we want to lure everyone east of the Nevada border into the festering slums of South Central so we can get them high on medical marijuana, confiscate their assault rifles and have our Al Qaeda-connected cab drivers deliver them to bathhouses in the Castro so we can send them back to God’s Country in a lavender Prius singing “Kids” from Bye, Bye Birdie — right?

Well, apparently we also love deer more than reality television. Ted “I am Rosa Parks With a Gibson Guitar” Nugent just pleaded no contest to whacking a deer using deer bait in California, which charge carries a $1,750 fine. But that’s hardly interesting; one more no-contest plea by Deadly Tedly in a pansy-ass state resulting in a large-and-three-quarters fine paid out of the Century Arms petty cash box — that shouldn’t really start yours truly dancing the Left-Of-Center Schadenfreude Fandango, should it?



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