Sudden Drop in Cable TV Subscribers — Film At Eleven!

1950s television set

Creative Commons photo by John Atherton.

Jacqui Cheng over at Ars Technica comments briefly on the report by market research firm SNL Kagan that the growth in cable TV subscribers reversed itself in the second quarter of 2010, “with six out of eight cable providers reporting their worst quarterly subscriber losses to date.” As in, ever


Cheng and SNL Kagan analyst Mariam Rondeli cited a number of reasons for the drop; first and foremost, second-quarter subscriber growth (or in this case, loss) can’t be taken as gospel, “thanks to housing turnover in college towns.” While this makes sense, it sort of disturbs me that college students are that large a share of the market. But there’s more to it; Rondeli suggests “economic factors such as low housing formation and a high unemployment rate contributed to subscriber declines in the second quarter.”



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