Dream Water: Drink to Dream!

Remember the cataclysmic cultural change that was “caffeinated water”? Well, apparently such jack-you-up water products as Water Joe and Fyxx Hybrid are just a little too nerve-wracking for today’s slacker culture. Dream water to the rescue! That’s right! It’s a delicious new way to get to sleep! Drink Dream Water and you, too, can be a tie-tie bun-bun.

How many times have I followed this company’s motto? “Drink to dream.” Too many times to count! In fact, I seem to remember that being the title of a Tom Waits out-take played on jaw harp and broken bottle. But I’m relieved to hear that Thunderbird and Rebel Yell bourbon are no longer the only libations that’ll help me saw the heck out of a few logs. Dream Water is here to help.



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