Rash of Argentinean Chupacabra Attacks

Image via Inexplicata.

Silvia Pérez Simondini of Spanish-language paranormal blog Vision Ovni calls it “The Case That May Give Us Answers.”

The chupacabra is a “cryptid” (a creature supposedly undescribed by science) that showed up in Latin American folklore and cryptozoology only in the late 1980s (some sources say the 1990s, but I’m pretty sure that’s inaccurate). A purported doglike animal that sucks the blood of goats, sheep and cows, it is periodically thought to be behind various livestock attacks throughout Latin America — but most recently in Puerto Rico, where the bulk of recent sightings have occurred.

This Argentinean case is making the rounds of paranormal and cryptozoology blogs with a vengeance — partially ’cause of the extremely bloody photos and partially because — hey, who doesn’t love a chupacabra attack?



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