Venezeulan Nukes?

Castle Bravo H-bomb test over Bikini Atoll, 1954. Public Domain US Dept of Energy photo.

Wanna know how international investigators create a case for a “rogue state” seeking nuclear weapons? Roger Noriega’s article at provides an interesting glimpse, if you give a damn.

As nuclear security scholar Rizwan Ladha correctly points out on Huffington Post, the whole world is a nuclear-free zone — south of the Equator. South America, in particular, eschewed nuclear weapons proliferation early in the game. Noriega, however, presents a series of arguments asserting that Venezuela has partnered with Iran to support the latter’s nuclear weapons program. Partially a response to Venezuelan Pres Hugo Chavez’s announcement that his country is nuclear power for civilian applications, the article comes across as pretty well-reasoned.




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