Meet the Sheriff Who Tweets About Sarah Palin’s Underwear

Here's a pair of pink handcuffs for you, Bolshevik. With love from Sheriff Joe Arpaio. XOX - LOL - LMAO!!

Actually, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County didn’t just tweet Sarah Palin’s underwear. He gave them to her first.

CNN’s political blog relates the story that when Gov. Palin visited his the “controversial” sheriff’s county, he gave her pair of pink underwear and then tweeted about it on his account, “RealSheriffJoe,” which has over 14,000 followers now.

I have no idea how many it had before he tweeted about Palin’s underwear, but this isn’t Joe Arpaio’s first time. He’s not just some fly-by-night garden-variety weirdo forking over skivvies to a famous woman in public and then scampering back into the darkness half a minute ahead of Kevin Costner to update his stalker-wall page with telephoto snapshots of the woman marked “MuSt GiVe hEr PAntIeS!!” No, this is a special kind of weirdo and a special kind of underwear — and it’s not just for Sarah! It’s for all of us!!

Truth be told, I’m betting the “tough-on-crime,” anti-illegal-immigration Arpaio, who claimed this summer that a Mexican drug gang had put a $1 million bounty on his head, has previously tweeted more than once about pink underwear given to others of his “guests.”In fact, his obsession with underwear approaches Lyndon B. Johnson territory. Will a pink-underwear craze take the American Far Right by storm?

Y’see, the pair in question aren’t the sort of novelty knickers emblazoned DANGER! JET EXHAUST! KEEP BACK 30 FEET (which was my vote) but a pair of “America’s Toughest Underwear” … READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM.


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