British Team To Search for the Mande Barung in Northern India

The Pangboche Hand, a purported Yeti hand from a monastery in Nepal.

The Mande Barung (sometimes spelled Mande Burung or Mande-burung) is an apelike creature thought to reside in the tropical rainforests of the Garo Hills, which straddle Northeast India and western Bangladesh. It’s thought to be related to the Tibetan Yeti, the Chinese Yeren, the Almas of Mongolia and the Caucasus, the Bigfoot or Sasquatch of North America’s Pacific Northwest, and by extension the Skunk Ape of Florida.

Bangladesh, incidentally, has to contend with not only the Mande Barung, but a second pesky cryptohominid, pretty impressive for a country of its size. I speak, of course, of the Ban-manush or Nyalmo, about which, in case you were wondering, Wikipedia offers this convincing argument for the stark-raving-madness of crowdsourcing anything more complex than standing there looking confused.

But…what was I saying about the Mande-Barung?



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