Heart(s) ov Teh Darkness: Fear and Loathing at the Moscow Cat Circus(es), Maybeez


Before you get your heart warmed by this delightful three-minute documentary from Cinelan about the Moscow Cat Circus, where a Russian father and daughter train their cats to do adorable tricks, be warned.

Be warned that this may not be the adorable Cat Circus Utopia the likes of which famed Victorian group-pets advocate Miss Fluffy Merriwether depicted in her “channeled” 1896 novel, Cat Circus: The Awakening Empire Of Our Benevolent Feline Overlords, As Told to Her Highness Miss Fluffy Merriwether by Kitty Purripants the Alpha Centauri Cat Emperor Via Transmission From the Great Beyond (and dictated to Her Highness’s Loyal Human vassal, the Dowager Anne-Penny Futzwattle of Lily Dale, New York).

It may not, my friends. It may not indeed. By the way, I haven’t got the foggiest idea if training cats in and of itself is cruel. This Animal Planet video (of an apparently unrelated Russian cat trainer, Gregory Popovich, who lives in Vegas) seems to tell me in humorless tones that it’s actually not a big deal.

But then, I’m so freaked out by the ominous American Justice electric-chair tone of the Animal Planet narrator that I can’t tell if I’m supposed to be freaked-out or high-fiving. I don’t even know if the video is serious or satiric. I think I’m being told that Cat Circuses in and of themselves — documented malfeasance excepted — are cute, not criminal.

But on teh Interwebz, folx allweys begz 2 differs.

In fact, so many peeoples begz 2 differs…(READS TEH REST OF DIS POST ON TEH TECHYUMZ)


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