Catholic Church Training More Exorcists

Salvador Dali by Carl Van Vechten. Dali reportedly received an exorcism when he was in France in 1947.

Not like you didn’t already know this, but there’s a shortage of exorcists. I mean, it’s getting almost as bad as 911 being a joke! And yet, as often happens when you’re not sure how to take your Ruger 10/22 to the next level of fun, in the case of an exorcism you simply must consult the experts.

I mean, did Season 6 teach us nothing!?!? Start waving a thurible around howling, “Out, demon! Please, demon?” and you’re likely to find yourself pulling a Father Karras, if not a Merrick. I mean, would you just, oh, offer to trade out the compressor on the B engine of the 747 you’re about to board for a quick trip to Paris? Then why would you try to uninstall some mime named Pazzuzu who’s making your kid dance around in her nightgown screaming obscenities and breaking your nose?



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