Cryonics Magazine Goes Digital

Photo Courtesy of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, via Wikipedia.

Wanna find out how to “optimize your cryopreservation arrangements,” i.e., freeze your head? Cryonics magazine is your Bible, your On The Road, and your National Review all rolled into one. And now it’s gone digital! That is to say, the publishers of Cryonics will no longer be issuing print copies, though they’re in the process of arranging to have print-on-demand copies made available for those of you who want to have your head frozen, but don’t want to fuck around with all that newfangled Kindle crap.

Cryonics is published by Scottsdale, Arizona’s Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the world’s largest cryonics organization. With over nine hundred members, the organization has about 100 patients in cryopreservation, about two-thirds of them as “neuropatients,” also known as “severed heads.”

Wait, is he actually talking about severed heads?

Look, this can’t be news to you: (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)


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