Christ Comes to Omaha

Look, I know you probably already know this, but you should be really, really careful what you search for on the internet. If you’re searching crap like “end of the world,” “Omaha,” and “Jesus Coming,” you should be really, really, really careful. That’s pretty much the information-economy equivalent of walking in to a frat party at 3am with a revolver and saying, “Man, I am so wasted! Who wants to play Russian Roulette? I’ll even go first! Man, how many bullets am I supposed to put in this gun — five? Six? Let’s say six.”

It’s gotten far worse in the last year. Now that Google Instant wreaks havoc with all my precautions, I have to go the extra mile. When I have to look something up on the Scary Box, I usually strap on a baseball catcher’s helmet and chest protector before I even start typing. Which I neglected to do this time…and look what it got me!

Poster from last year from an Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand.

No, it is not the new billboards in Omaha proclaiming Christ’s return in May; the above is a poster from an Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand, and it’s from last year. (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)


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