Making Child Abuse Facebook Famous

Screenshot from Know Your Meme.

You see…I am what they call a “fantasy-prone personality.”

While dodging “suggestions” from people who, on most days, wisely refrain from attempting to be the boss of me that I change my Facebook profile pic to a cartoon for a day, I made up a reason they must be so excited about it. I manufactured it wholesale in my brain. I says to myself, I says:

“These people must be putting up cartoons and comics on their Facebook profiles to promote the wonderful arts of animation and comic book illustrations.”

Reasonable logic, yeah? Reasonable! So reasonable that now, in retrospect, it almost seems not totally hallucinatory! Almost.

I thought: “Illustrators and animators in the U.S. are having a heck of a hard time of it lately, you know, with the economics of book and magazine and comic publishing being in violent upheaval, and the U.S. animation industry increasingly relying on offshoring, and the whole movie industry doing less and less original work, and the creative arts in general finding themselves beleaguered. Comic books and animation are two of the primary art forms of the modern era! Celebrate! Promote! Show your support! Rah! Rah! Rah!!!”

Great! Unfortunately, it turns out that while the meme started (apparently) as a good-natured celebration of cartoons and comic books, and continues on many users’ parts (apparently) in exactly such a fashion, certain factions have convinced the news media that people are putting cartoons on their Facebook profiles to end violence against children. This was apparently a meme that started as a celebrations of cartoons and comic books — apparently, and details are slim, on a Greek or Cypriot website.

The meme then somehow inexplicably either morphed en route…(READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)


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