Somali Pirates Uncover Ukranian Arms Deal With Sudanese Rebels

Public domain US Navy photo of Somali pirates attacking the MV Faina in late September, 2008.

Wikileaks, Soviet tanks, Christian/animist rebels in Southern Sudan, Somali pirates, secret arms shipments, a diplomatic cover-up. You’re making this up just to get me all excited, right?

Apparently not; it’s all real, or what passes for it in African diplomatic circles. It goes like this:

Back in February, 2009, a Ukrainian ship, the Faina, was towed into Mombasa, Kenya after Somali pirates were paid $3.2 million in ransom for the ship and its cargo.

That’s business-as-usual for Somali pirates, but what was strange about the Faina is that its cargo included 32 Soviet T-72 tanks, 150 grenade launchers and 6 anti-aircraft guns. The cargo was destined for the regional government in southern Sudan, which is in open revolt against that nation’s government in Khartoum. (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)


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