Are One Night Stands Genetic, Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

.”]Still trying to figure out why you keep wanting hot, steamy sex with strangers? Wondering why you have no idea which traveling Russian circus performer you should email to get back your favorite pair of underwear? Getting a bit too familiar with that walk of shame back from the trailer park? Tired of fuming while your friends razz you about doing the Horizontal Hustle with that juggling unicyclist from Santa Rosa, the right-wing gun-industry lobbyist from Pittsburgh, the performance artist who will only say “Meow!,” and the entire staff of the French restaurant you got treated to by the last respondent to your “SERIOUS!!! Seeking Cuddle-Friendly LTR” Craigslist ad?


Blame your slut brain!

That’s what Justin Garcia, Doctoral Diversity Fellow at SUNY Binghamton, suggests you don’t do, even though it’s oh-so-tempting, I know. (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)


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