Is Sasquatch Rael?

Lest you should imagine that we at Techyum are questioning the simple and self-evident fact that a hairy cryptohominid lives in the woods of the Pacific Northwest smoking cigars and playing poker with lumberjacks — which no sane person would deny — you should know that our real and very legitimate question is about the rabid, Israel-hating American left.

Frothing-at-the-mouth right-wing lunatic Donald Douglas of the neoconservative blog American Power is (or, rather, “was”) here to set you straight on the matter.

As reported at the blogs of Michigan science journalist Ed Brayton and California “civil-libertarian-socialist” James G. Webb, as well as the “towering intellects” (Douglas’s words) at Sadly No — the following is submitted for your approval:

Douglas, who spends a lot of time blogging about how the American left loves Muslims and hates Israel, went to New York to be among his fellow Patriots for the anniversary of 9/11. He took a lot of pictures. Moments after Douglas expressed his horror at the “9/11 Truthers”:

Those people are shocking to me. I can’t fathom the scale of conspiracies these people concoct…Evil fringe crowd, and demented.



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