Around the World in an Autogyro for Social Networking and Bowel Cancer

Photo from Norman's JustGiving page.

Northern Irish pilot and cancer survivor Norman Surplus is back home in Larne, Northern Ireland, after surviving a crash in Thailand and making it to the Philippines.

He’s flying his amazing yellow autogyro, the G-YROX, around the world. You can help by following his progress on his Facebook page and donating to his effort. News about the voyage:

During take-off from a small airstrip at Nong Prue in Thailand, Norman and his gyro fell out of the sky. Thankfully Norman wasn’t hurt but his trusty GYROX ended up in a bad way. It took a while but repairs to the aircraft were eventually completed and a very relieved Norman set off once again on his journey. He reached the Philippines before red tape and bad weather called a halt on his progress for this year. He’s now back in Larne but come Spring 2011, he’ll be back in the Far East to restart his flight from where he left off.


The autogiro, autogyro or gyroplane, in case you don’t know, is that funky thing that’s neither a plane nor a helicopter; the rotors only provide lift after the vehicle is up to speed. READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM.


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