Cancer on Facebook

My friends on Facebook have been asking me to repost a holiday note in honor of those touched by cancer, including those who are struggling with it, those who have survived, those who have died, and all their loved ones and friends.

I get a bad touch feeling when I repost things. So I figured I’d add my two cents to the plea. I lost a friend when I was very young and she was far too young to die of cancer. I’ve lost other friends and loved ones since then. My heart goes out to anyone struggling with the disease.

Cancer takes too many brilliant people too young. Human history has been cheated by cancer out of many more brilliant and beautiful insights and challenges from the likes of Carl Sagan, Roger Zelazny, Gilda Radner, Kathy Acker, Frank Zappa, Sterling Morrison, and many, many others.

Many, many more have survived. My thoughts and hopes for all those struggling with cancer in themselves or their loved ones, or who have lost somebody to cancer.


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