New World Record On Totally Obscure Space Invaders Clone

Creative Commons photo by Flickr user die_gabel (Achim).

You know, I think Joystiq summed up today’s gaming-world fandango-in-a-teapot best when they said:

It’s an inspiring tale of perseverence, one that teaches a valuable lesson: if you want to be the best at something, pick something nobody else has ever heard of.

Which has always been my theory when it comes to the sport of Speed Nostril-Flaring.

Joystiq was referring, of course, to a far less obscure pastime. The target of their huzzah is 38-year-old Justin Baxter, who rescued a Cosmic Monsters console from the junkyard seven years ago and recently skunked the 1983 world record of about 105,000 by hitting 145,680.



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