Told/Untold/Retold: Qatar Contemporary Art Exhibition

Screencap of BIPRODUCT, a multimedia installation by Khalil Rabah.

Wow, Qatar has been making headlines lately. The Arabian-peninsula nation committed the coup of snatching the 2022 World Cup from the hands of other likely aspirants, assuring that players and soccer hooligans alike will have to cope with the region’s 120 degree heat.

Now, according to an article in, Mathaf: The Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar is hosting its first multimedia art exhibition, a little thing called “Told/Untold/Retold,” which opened December 30. Qatar Museums Authority’s new exhibition hall at the Museum of Islamic Art. In fact, if you visit Mathaf’s website, you’ll find a slideshow of some absolutely incredible images, including the unbelievable image at right.

Incidentally, you absolutely must check out this image, from Jeffar Khaldi. There are other offerings by Khalil Rabah, Youssef Nabil, Khaled Takreti, mounir fatmi, Jeffar Khaldi, and more, for a total of 23 artists represented. But of course, the part of the show that generated headlines, and probably the only part that will lodge in the brainpans of art lovers in the west, is the dude with the camera implanted in his head.



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