Alcohol-Free Scotch and Whiskey in a Can

A friend posted something today with the proclamation: “The end times are upon us, as evidenced by this abomination.”

He was referring to what may possibly be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen — and believe me, I’ve seen some weird, weird things — ArKay, the alcohol-free Scotch.

Trust me, it makes as little sense to me as it does to you — possibly less. What’s next, alcohol-free Nairobi moonshine, made out of simulated nuclear waste, radiator fluid that won’t hurt you, dead rats that are really just props and ladies’ panties that have never been worn?

Don’t get me wrong, Scottish Spirits Ltd. has a perfectly good business rationale for this insanity:

Scottish Spirits LTD has developed ArKay, the world’s first alcohol free whisky. ArKay is specifically targeted for Muslim consumers worldwide since it is Halal approved…ArKay non alcohol whisky tastes and looks exactly like traditional Scotch Whisky. It is suitable for drinking straight up or with soda, tea or other mixers. ArKay is the result of 10 years of research and development.



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