State-of-the-Art Toilet Technology

I’m not normally an early adopter, but I confess to a little bit of toilet envy when it comes to green toilets.

Now, I’ve spent more than enough time living in apartments with toilets that are literally, and unintentionally green; I’d really love to live with one that was green in metaphor only — like a composting toilet, say. Who can’t get behind the knowledge that every time you visit the lav, you’re helping grow some rhododendrons?

Even just a low-flow variety or a rig with a bidet would be an improvement. It may not be polite to say, but we spend an awful lot of our lives in that private, special place — some of us far more than others. Is it wrong to think I’d like a little variety in my quiet time?

This rig, however, may be going overboard. I’m mildly appalled at this article on Mother Nature Network about INAX’s Regio (READ MORE)


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