MOAR PLS: Kundalini and the Subatomic Pyrotron Theory

Screencap from Vice. Originally from Ablaze! The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more awesome than a flame war on paranormal topics. Do you see what I did there? “Flame war.” This post is about spontaneous human combustion. Haw haw haw haw haw!!!

Those of us who lived through the seventies and early eighties will surely remember the global plague of SHC. To hear Leonard Nimoy tell it, people were catching fire all over the damn place, and not just Richard Pryor. The hallmarks of SHC are a (supposedly) non-existent or at least unknown ignition source, and the fact that the victim’s legs stick out unburned in a rather ghoulish fashion.

The most commonly accepted explanation for SHC based on known science is the “wick effect,” which involves the burning of subcutaneous fat following ignition by an apparently modest source (eg, a burning cigarette). The phenomenon has been tested on a pig, and worked just fine — it was by all reports the smoothest experimental burning of a pig by modest external ignition source ever reported in the literature. (READ MORE AT TECHYUM)


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