Scott Adams Just Can’t Stop Digging

Is it good news or bad news that Scott Adams is the one who can’t stop talking about his recent gender faux pas? Or that he is so convinced of his own importance that he is convinced the rest of us still give a shit? Or that he’s now attempting to express what he assumes will pass for “serious” thoughts on the “serious” matter of whether men or women are treated more unfairly by society, which seems to be the only thing he has left to talk about?

The answer, of course, is that there is no good news when it comes to Scott Adams. If you drink a lot of beer with friends, perhaps you’ve noticed a phenomenon. Well in his or her cups, someone says something stupid and offensive. Someone else tells them it was stupid and offensive. The first friend says, “But everything I say is smart, so you must have misunderstood me. And why is it offensive anyway? See, all I’m trying to say is–”

It never ends well.

Read the rest of this post on Tiny Nibbles (site is NSFW).


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