[Techyum] Bigfoot in the Sierras?

Screencap from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Amy Rolph at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a blog post about some evidence that some California paranormal researchers think they’ve found in the form of some snuffle-shaped smudges on a windshield that don’t quite match the shape you’d expect from a big cat or bear.

Apparently there’s “DNA” involved. Presumably from snot, not to put too fine a point on it.

Rolph links to an earlier post of hers, from yesterday, that mentions the fact that these researchers think they’ve found a substance (did I mention snot?) that might contain the DNA of the creature in question, and are seeking private donations to have DNA testing done.

There’s a video of the smudges on the windows here — though, sadly, not of Bigfoot putting them there.

Since this stuff is in my neck of the woods — you know, central California and all — my interest was piqued. One of the researchers is Mickey Burrow, who’s based in Fresno (about 2 hours south of me on I-5). Also involved are the Sanger Paranormal Society, which covers “Central California and Coastal Area,” but which focuses, from the notes on its Bigfoot page, on the eastern half of the state — that’d be the Sierras, not the coast, and certainly not the north coast. [READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM.COM]


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