Join me for Bawdy Storytelling’s Science Friction, Sept. 22

I’ll be telling a true story at Bawdy Storytelling’s Science Friction, Sept. 22 in Oakland. If you’ve never been to The Uptown, you are missing plenty; it’s a great space. Here be the deets:


Thursday, September 22 · 7:00pm – 10:30pm
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA

Winner of the Bay Guardian’s 2011 Best of the Bay Award for “Best Titillating TMI”
“The Moth for Pervs” – LA Weekly
Have you ever had phone sex in Klingon? Do you know how to get lube out of fake fur? Have you ever used a 20-sided die in bed? Either way, strap on your Spock ears and head over to the Uptown Nightclub, as Bawdy Storytelling, (the Bay Area’s storytelling equivalent of Princess Leia’s gold bikini) hits Oakland for “Science Friction,” 6 true stories from another dimension.

This week, Bawdy brings you real people telling sordid stories of what really goes down at Comic-Con, what it’s like to party with Furries, and how, if you’ve spent $540 on a prosthetic Klingon forehead, you bet your ass you’re going to wear it as you “take the bridge.” And by “take the bridge” we mean, “have sex with someone in a Uhura uniform,” duh. These are real stories by real people, with no judgments, lots of laughter, and a communal, undying lust for Judy Jetson.

Beam down to the Uptown Nightclub and live long, prosper, be dirty, and then come back and tell us all about it – we do love a good story!

(Remember: Doors at 7, Stories at 8!)


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