Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror, Abfab, Reno 911 Matryoshkas

clockwork orange matryoshkas

Quite a long time ago I posted about the Rocky Horror Picture Show Matryoshka Dolls available from bobobabushka’s Etsy store. This is definitely a case of No Regretsy. However, all the pictures seem to have disappeared from my server. WTF?

The thing is, since that day bobobabushka has been a busy little whack job-slash-genius. Her name, apparently, is Irene Huang and she lives in Gold Coast, Australia. She is about the coolest person ever, and if you have to ask why, well, perhaps you didn’t hear me. Her job is making Clockwork Orange matryoshkas. We are not worthy, Irene.

In addition to the Clockwork Orange dolls up top, below is just a sampling of the awesomeness waiting for you in bobo’s store, my little babushkas.

The Addams Family

Is it just me, or does Wednesday look hot? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not weird of me or anything. I just think it looks kind of like Wednesday Addams just turned 18 and is ready to ritually slaughter Marilyn Munster in a sex-mad blood orgy. (Note also that the artist included little Pubert, so this must be Raul Julia-era Addams, in which case it has been age-appropriate for me to think Christina Ricci is hot for well over a decade now, or at least as age appropriate as it needs to be. Wait…if that’s true, though, then…where’s Debbie? OH SHIT, SHE’S RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!!AAAAHHHH!!!!)

this is spinal tap matryoshkas

“Hello, Cleveland! This is the first song off our new album. It’s called ‘Lick My Love Pump.’ With backing vocals provided by the Cleveland Hopkins Airport control tower…”

abfab matryoshkas

“Oh, don’t be like that, sweetie. Mummy only had one, sweetie, can she be blamed if someone put roofies in it, or whatever?” Yes, that’s the crew of Absolutely Fabulous, making your tchotchke shelf, well…FABULOUS.

The Young Ones

That’s right! It’s “The Young Ones.” A mysterious man calling himself M. Chistian introduced me to that show one day in the distant past. I’m still staring blankly, almost twenty years later.

reno 911 matryoshkas

The Reno Sheriff’s Department is waiting to ask you a few questions, starting with, “Who’s laughing now, Milkshake!?”

 And, of course, we now arrive at the classic…the one, the only….the one everyone thinks about when they hear “Pop culture matryoshkas.” I’m referring, of course, to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where “Everyone gets in Frank,” which sounds like it should be an audience participation line from the first act, but it’s not. In this case, it’s a simple fact of economical Russian design. Because, as Mr. Putin would say, “In post-Soviet Russia, house guests get in your belly.”



There’s more waiting for you in the shop. How can you not want a set of Royal Tenenbaums matryoshkas? What, other than nesting within each other, could better communicate the film’s central theme about the inescapability of family?


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