Fifty Shades of Fail: Time Out Article Ripping Fifty Shades Shows Ignorant Sex Negativity

Recently Time Out published an article by Michele Filgate that got me pretty steamed.

I wrote this on my publishing blog in response: Time Out Article Rips Fifty Shades of Grey By Showing Sex Negativity and Ignorance.

What pissed me off is that Filgate doesn’t seem to have done any research as to what erotic books are out there that would be of interest to someone who actually wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Her list includes, by my reckoning, NOT A SINGLE BONA-FIDE EROTIC NOVEL. It’s a bunch of literary novels with sexual themes, plus a book of poetry, an ancient sex guide (to which she gives a backhanded slap) and a memoir. Nothing wrong with them, necessarily, but they aren’t erotic novels and they have nothing at all to do with Fifty Shades. Except that Michele Filgate approves of them….and she seems to approve of them because they’re not erotic novels.

Anyone else agree with me, or am I off my rocker on this one?


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