Mitt Romney Attacks American Embassy in Libya

My condolences to the families of the Americans killed in Libya, and my respect and gratitude to the American personnel still in danger there. R.I.P. Chris Stevens, as brave and important an American as any US soldier, sailor, airman or Marine killed in combat. All of them are mourned and honored here.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney and the Americans now de facto besieged in Libya are basically in what amounts to a Tweetwar. It seems he likes to tell them how to do their job, and in so doing he managed to show just much how he despises any statement in support of religious freedom and plurality.

If the account of Huffington Post is too “biased” for you, check out CBS News. There’s no angle from whcih this can be viewed that doesn’t leave Romney looking like an incompetent buffoon who hates America…but I’m pretty sure the Fox News crew are going to try to spin him as a brave warrior. Bullshit.

If you want to say word one about the political and religious situation in the Arab world, learn at least the very basics. And if you want to fuck with the Diplomatic Corps because you think you have the faintest idea what they’re going through, at least read the Cliff’s Notes.

Unfortunately, Romney is too lazy to learn anything about how to govern. He’d rather sit around and wait for the Presidency that’s owed him, as evidenced by his lazy refusal to develop an independent foreign policy. Instead, he throws shitbombs like this and pretends that just by being “conservative,” he gets to assume the mantle of leadership.

Romney’s attempt to mine this situation for political gain, while making obvious his hatred of religious freedom and his unwillingness to even make the slightest attempt to understand the situation in the Arab world, shows that this silver-spoon fool doesn’t have the faintest idea what America stands for. This man is deplorable.


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