Bill Brent's Memorial Tonight in San Francisco

As you may know, one of the most influential figures in the San Francisco sex underground, and in my life, is  the publisher, writer, editor, bisexual activist and event organizer Bill Brent, publisher of the influential magazine Black Sheets and organizer of Black Sheets Parties, as well as an amazing writer and a passionate radical fairy, bisexual activist and HIV-services advocate. He killed himself some weeks ago by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

I wrote about him here and at Tiny Nibbles; Carol Queen wrote about him for Good Vibes Magazine and Liz Highleyman wrote his obituary for the Bay Area Reporter and his longtime collaborator Lori Selke collected some links about him after his death. Chris Hall wrote about him here at the SF Weekly Blog.

There is much more to say about how important and influential Bill was and is, and how many peoples’ lives he touched. But for now, we at Deception Press merely want to pay our respects by inviting you to gather at the Center for Sex and Culture tonight at 7pm for a memorial service honoring Bill’s life and legacy. Though many tears will surely be shed — I’m shedding some now — what is far more important to what Bill represented is that those who knew him, admired him, or merely admire what they’ve heard about him gather together to dream.

Get all the details here. If you’re in San Francisco, I hope to see you.


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