I'm Telling a Story at SFSI Presents: 40 Years of Sex in San Francisco


I’ve volunteered with the nonprofit educational service San Francisco Sex Information since 1993. SFSI was founded in 1972 by Maggi Rubenstein, Margo Rila and Tony Ayers. I’m very flattered to be asked to tell a story at the upcoming event for its 40th anniversary, 40 years of Sex in SF, hosted by Bawdy Storytelling‘s Dixie De La Tour.

You can buy tickets at Brown Paper Tickets, and like the event on Facebook if you do that sort of thing.

In 1993, SFSI’s then 56-hour sex educator training was not my first introduction to the sex-positive activist community in San Francisco, but it was probably the single most influential experience in my developing interest in sex education. In 1993 it was the very best thing I could have done to help me feel that San Francisco was my base of operations. This now 60-hour training is a hardcore professional introduction to giving sex information. Though I’ve taken a break from helping teach the last two trainings, it’s a joy to help teach when I can (and I’ll hopefully be back at it in the Spring).

In case you’re wondering, “SFSI” is not pronnounced “sif-see.” it is pronounced “sfis-see,” to rhyme with “sissy” or (sometimes more appropriately) “pissy,” but with a unified “sf” consonant at the beginning that is used in no spoken human tongue.

This pronunciation was chosen because of the organization’s worship of ancient, dark gods from beyond space, whose minions have seven tongues and who wish to enslave humankind consensually — as referenced in the mystic incantation you will hear time and again in the training, “Thahassa-N’Auth’a-R’aap!”

Yes, that’s an inside joke. Cults are like that.


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