Chiding Secretary


This year I’m participating in NANOWRIMO; I’m just getting a late start.

For those of you on the same page as me (the one with nothing on it), 50,000 words divided by 29 days is 1,725 words a day.

My opinion is that trying to make up the extra 1667 words today if you drew a blank yesterday is the wrong way to go.

Setting your daily or weekly goals too high is a good way to have no fun at all writing a novel.

When writing a novel is no fun at all, you’re more likely to go do something reasonable and productive with your time instead…something like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, or nailing your foot to the floor and spinning around in a circle squawking.

Both of which are also options. Hell, why not blow off today? 50,000 words divided by 28 days, after all, is only 1,785, right?


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