About Thomas S. Roche

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Thomas S. Roche’s debut novel is The Panama Laugh, a science fiction zombie apocalypse about viral media, military contracting, and LOLZ. It releases September 6, 2011 from Night Shade Books. He has been a blogger, short story writer, editor, marketing executive, and web reporter for more than a decade, having written regularly for Techyum.com, TinyNibbles.com, Night-Bazaar.com, Gothic.net, GettingIt.com, WriteSex.net, GoodVibes.com, 13thStreet.com and many other websites. He is a community sex educator in San Francisco with San Francisco Sex Information, a nonprofit educational organization.

Read Thomas’s hard-boiled crime blog, Boiled Hard. Lawrence Block dropped by one day. Thomas is still all worked up over that one.

Add his personal pages on Good Reads, Twitter, Facebook, Twitpic, and Flickr. Check out his Amazon Author Page, and his Good Reads author page.

You can also add him on Tumblr, which he hates but which you apparently love if you’re a hipster. Thomas hates hipsters almost as much as they hate him. You wanna know why? Because you’re not as hip as you think you are. Yes, yes you’re right. That sentiment does in fact make Thomas a hipster. And you know why that’s okay? Because he was there. When you were pooping your pants or rocking out to Poison, he was getting kicked in the nuts at Crash Worship concerts, chain smoking Pall Malls and writing porn novels on a beat up Smith-Corona. So fuck you, hipster. Fuck you right in the ear. Go Tumblr some “ironic” piece of Dadaist bullshit, then “microblog” about it.

The good news about Tumblr is that the theme he found is f*$@!$ing awesome, because it looks like an old CRT. That’s the only reason he even has a Tumblr account. Sadly, his eyes are buggered from reading Project Gutenberg, and he had to switch from that ghoulish green-on-black to black-on-white to keep from going completely blind. But it still looks pretty bad-ass. It’s all, “Wargames!” this and “Press Enter!” that. Like we said, bad-ass. Did we mention you can add him on Tumblr, you hipster fuck?

Not all social networking tools are created equal, Thomas always says. He uses Good Reads all the time, Twitter a lot, Facebook a lot, and he thinks they’re all lame except Good Reads, which he LOVES to the point where it’s actually fairly creepy.

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2 thoughts on “About Thomas S. Roche

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  2. Doug Harrison

    Aloha Thomas,

    I would like to e-mail you, or phone you, concerning particulars about Bill Brent’s memorial service.

    How may I contact you directly?


    Doug Harrison (Puma)


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