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A Techyum Christmas: The UFO Detector for the Abductee On Your List

You know, when you do your holiday shopping with Wikileaks’ mortal enemy, you discover just how many smart-asses are out there culture-jamming the universe and providing, therefore, the perfect Christmas gift for humbugs like yours truly: SNARK, wrapped up with a shiny silver bow. And they’ve been doing it since long before it was “cool!” Just to be assholes, I’ll wager.

Take, for instance, the UFO Detector from Images SI, which I found while searching Amazon for plutonium (don’t ask).

What the manufacturer says about it is uproarious enough to begin with…(READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM).


NASA Discovers Life

Public domain NASA Landsat image of Mono Lake.

Cool your jets, Sparky Spaceman. NASA did not discover life in outer space, though for about a half-hour, that looked like a possibility to those of us mopes on the outside. In fact, at 8:07 Pacific Time this morning (December 2), Gizmodo reported on Jason Kottke’s speculation that NASA’s big press conference scheduled for today meant that they’d discovered life on one of Saturn’s moons.

Sadly, NASA did not discover extraterrestrial life. However, what they did discover, according to a Gizmodo post 10 minutes ago, at 8:40, is still pretty cool. You can watch the press conference live at NASA TV, but in the meantime, READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM.