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The 19XX, a Dieselpunk Webcomic

Screencap of "The 19XX" entry page.

The 19XX is a dieselpunk webcomic that updates with two pages every other Wednesday. It relates the adventures of a secret group commissioned by the League of Nations after the Great War to scour the globe to find magic artifacts, undiscovered superweapons, and dangerous magic spells before the next war. Drawn by a web designer named, as far as I can tell, “Kopetkai,” it’s just plain oodles of fun.

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The Pitcairn Autogiro

Image of the world's only airworthy Pitcairn Autogiro by Flyermedia. Reprinted with permission of General Aviation News.

There’s a great article by Meg Godlewski at General Aviation News about the Pitcairn PAA-1, an autogiro marketed to private pilots in the early 1930s. The article includes a glorious set of photos by Flickr user FlyerMedia of the Pitcairn at an airshow in April, 2010, but not any of it going off into the wild blue yonder. That’s cool; you can check it out in flight in the videos below.

You might recognize the Pitcairn from The Rocketeer, in which Howard Hughes flies one, or the concept of the autogiro in general from The Road Warrior. Thirty years before that, autogiros were popular in comic books and pulp fiction in the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s because of their exotic look.