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Steve Vai to Teach World’s Largest Online Guitar Lesson

Public Domain photo of Steve Vai by Snowdog, via Wikipedia.

Guitar god Steve Vai is staging what he hopes will be the world’s largest online guitar lesson on March 3, 2011 at 1:30 pm Eastern Time.

Berkleemusic.com, the extension arm of Boston’s legendary Berklee College of Music, is partnering with Vai and Livestream.com to stream the thing from Livestream’s NYC studio. (READ MORE)


Music for Music Nerds: The Chapman Stick

Yes, that’s Nick Beggs from Kajagoogoo, playing the Chapman Stick. Huh!?!? on many levels. Creative Commons photo by Jackie Kever.

Never heard of the Chapman Stick? You’re not alone. You could spend your whole life playing Armenian hammered dulcimer, Swedish twelve-string baritone ukelele and death-klezmer diddley bow, and still scratch your head when you look at the Chapman Stick.

You would, however, see none other than Patrick Stewart himself playing one in David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune, though the scene was cut out of the theatrical release and can be viewed only in the extended version.

…Invented in the 1970s by a jazz guitarist named Emmett Chapman, “The Stick,” as it’s often called, developed from Chapman’s guitar-playing technique of “Free Hands,” which involves smacking the strings of a guitar at the frets in a way that looks, to my eyes, like what the metal boys like to call a “hammer-on.” If you compare the two videos above, you’ll note that Captain Picard is fretting the thing in more of a traditional guitar technique — assuming you have the faintest idea what I’m talking about in the first place, or even give a damn.