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Porn-Induced Impotence? (NSFW)

Image: Underwood typewriter, by higginskurt on Flickr (Creative Commons).

I’ve started guest-blogging at my very good friend Violet Blue’s widely-read blog TinyNibbles.com. It’s NSFW — the site features lots of disrobed people, and lots of writing about sex. Be warned. Here’s a teaser to my first post:

My first piece of bad news is that if you’re male, web porn makes you impotent. This is courtesy of Faux News, which assures me that a presentation at the conference of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (SIAM) proves it:

Researchers said Thursday that young men who indulge in “excessive consumption” of Internet porn gradually become immune to explicit images, the ANSA news agency reported.

Over time, this can lead to a loss of libido, impotence and a notion of sex that is totally divorced from real-life relations.

[This is] a perfect example of the kind of scientific information that gets turned into meaningless “proof” that porn is bad for you. In the absence of critical information, journalists, professionals and the general public point to studies like this as fact, rather than data. But the information delivered by Fox News doesn’t even qualify as an anecdote.



British Medical Journal: Vaccine-Autism Link Was Fraud

Public domain graph via Wikipedia.

A 1998 study of 12 patients in Lancet claimed to show a link between autism and childhood vaccines. The study spread panic among parents in the UK and the US, leading a significant number of parents to decide not to vaccinate their children for common childhood diseases, with measles vaccination rates dropping as low as 80% in Britain. CNN claims recent years have seen an increase in childhood measles.

Lancet fully retracted the study in 2010. An article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) now says that study was an active and intentional fraud perpetrated by the study’s author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. This follows the earlier revelation that Wakefield had been paid by a law firm that intended to sue vaccine manufacturers for the autism link, and that Wakefield failed to disclose that fact. CNN says in their article on the subject (…READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM…)


Japanese Immigration Restrictions Causing Nursing Problems

Sexy Brain Eating Zombie Nurse by Nate "Igor" Smith.

Japan has always been a famously closed society, almost to the point of legend. This closed nature has traditionally meant a very hard time for foreign immigrants to Japan. Combine that with a population that, government estimates say, will shrink from 127 million to 90 million over the next 50 years (that’s 30%!), while its population ages demographically. Most shrinking populations do that, unless they’re shrinking because of plague — and sometimes even then.

An interesting article by Hiroku Tabuchi in today’s New York Times discusses this widespread problems being called by Japan’s unwillingness to bring in immigrants as skilled workers to combat its ongoing problems — particularly in the healthcare arena, which is the sector in which the U.S. is having similar problems.