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A Techyum Christmas Part 2: Uranium. Yes, Uranium!

In case you didn’t know, you’ve always been able to buy uranium ore for scientific and educational use. “Always” being, maybe, a strong word for it, but…you get the point.

But whether it always came in a retasked Burt’s Bees container, I’m not sure.

And unless you want to look up one morning and see F-22 Raptors dropping daisycutters on your ass, don’t even talk about putting it in your yellow cake! As delicious as it would surely be…

And also in case you didn’t know, if your devious plan is to build some sort of, you know, a, um, sort of a “device,” or even power your next super-android Ex-Mr/s. Techyum Reader or fill your subterranean lair (ie, parents’ basement) with atomic-powered harem-girl bodyguards, we at Techyum do not approve of such endeavors. You’re MAD, we tell you. MAD!!

The truth is, if you wanna do anything really dangerous with uranium, you’ll need, at the very least, to put out a Craigslist ad. And did we mention you’re mad, we tell you, mad?


Good Fun With Knothole-Grable

Public domain US Department of Energy image from the Grable shot.

Having enjoyed numerous evenings of relatively undisturbed sleep during the several months I’ve been writing a novel about pus-spewing dead things that want to eat my face, I decided this just wouldn’t do.

I thought, “Hey, let’s talk about nuclear war!”

Disgusted by the Reagan-era neutron-bomb-apologism of the one post-nuke survival book available at my local library, I turned to my favorite sleep-killer, Wikipedia, where I’ve often cured my insomnia by purging myself of any desire to ever close my eyes again.

It was there that I ran across the fascinating article on nuclear artillery, a concept whose time has surely passed, right? Wrong! (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)