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Rash of Egyptian Shark Attacks

Oceanic white-tip shark in the Red Sea. Creative Commons photo by Peter Koelbl, via Wikipedia.

Three snorkelers have been injured, and a German woman killed, in shark attacks off the Egyptian resort town of Sharm-el-Sheikh over the last week. Meanwhile, the beaches are closed until the shark can be found, a team of behavioral experts has been called in to assess the situation, and two sharks were killed near the resort — an oceanic white-tipped shark and a mako. (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM.COM)


Swedish Robot Pilot Discovers Rare Cold Water Coral Ecosystem

Photo by Tomas Lundälv, Sven Lovén Centre, University of Gothenburg, via Science Daily.

Shock waves rippled through the cold water coral ecosystem community this week with the news that a very rare ecosystem has been discovered in a coral wall 50 to 60 meters tall and 190 kilometers long, at about 600 meters depth in the Atlantic Ocean off of Mauritania in Northern Africa.

It’s the first time an ecosystem like this has been discovered this far south.

According to Science Daily, University of Gothenburg researcher Tomas Lundälv piloted a robot vessel to a depth of 615 meters from the RV Maria S. Merian, Germany’s most modern research ship. Though Lundälv and his associate Professor André Freiwald knew there was a very large cold water coral bank there, they had no idea of the extent of the formation.