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Russian Art Group Voina Nominated For Huge Endowment

A Russian guerrilla art group called Voina (which means “War” in Russian) has been nominated for a state-sponsored prize, even as two members are incarcerated awaiting trial for their part in an “art” project in which police cars were flipped over.

But it wasn’t the flipping of the cop cars that got Voina nominated for the Innovations Prize from the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Center for Modern Art. It was their project to erect a 65-meter male organ, as illustrated in the above video — which some helpful soul has set to The Dance of the Prince & the Sugar Plum Fairy. Here’s the short version (READ THE REST ON TECHYUM)


People on the Internet Still Douchebags. That Is All.

From Flickr user "mikest," via SFSIst.


Actually, that’s not all. Here’s some more:

It took an article by Techyum’s own Violet Blue (over at her day job at ZDNet) to alert me to this uproariously clever prank played on Kenneth Cole in San Francisco, and the store manager’s snippy response. I’m sorry, could I love San Francisco any more?

The “controversy” (translation: public ridicule of a dumbass) stemmed from Kenneth Cole’s tweet that the uproar in Egypt was over Cole’s new collection. Hilarious!! People got pissed off at him. Hilariouser!


Hulk Smash, In Endless Variation

A while back, Gabriel Gadfly posted a great rundown of some of the various Hulks on Twitter. In case you don’t know, Hulk This and Hulk That is one of the memes on Twitter, like Phweeting. Whether or not you groove on Fake Abe Vigoda, if you’re a Tweeter then like the rest of us you likely can’t help but find very occasional amusement in such delights as Feminist Hulk, Hipster Hulk,EnviroHulk, Jesus Hulk, Bookstore Hulk, Editor Hulk, Karaoke Hulk, and the notoriously impolite Canadian Hulk.