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Facebook Threatened With Contempt of Court

Facebook failed to send a lawyer to Sacramento Superior Court in answer to a subpoena yesterday — leading Judge Michael P. Kenny to “issue an order that Facebook show cause why it shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.” The next hearing in the case, on January 7, will probably result in a contempt charge if a legal representative for Facebook doesn’t show.

The case is a trial of five alleged members of the Killa Mobb gang on charges relating to the beating of a man in the Sacramento area on Halloween, 2008. According to a story in the Sacramento Bee (READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON TECHYUM)


Man Loses Twitter “Joke” Appeal for Threatening to Blow Up Robin Hood

Stephen Fry from Happy Birthday to GNU

The man convicted of “menace” after he Tweeted a “joke” threat about blowing up Doncaster-Sheffield’s Robin Hood Airport has lost his appeal. (Yes!!! It’s really called Robin Hood Airport!!). Don’t worry, though; Oscar Wilde agreed to pay his fine.

That’s not the real Oscar Wilde — he’s still dead, last I heard — but actor Stephen Fry, who played Wilde in Wilde and quit Twitter recently after suggesting women don’t enjoy sex, which pissed a few of them off (and surely some men who felt obliged to differ).


The Social Media Apocalypse: MoveOn’s Innovative Message From the Future

"You're welcome." Screencap from MoveOn.org's Message From the Future.

The same technology that will, in the future, allow malign corporate conglomerates to project personalized mind-control messages onto your eyelids while you sleep — all because you clicked that ALLOW button on Facebook — is now being used by MoveOn.org to deliver the most innovative use of personalized content I’ve seen yet.

MoveOn’s “Message From the Future” is a short video distributed via Facebook and MoveOn’s website; it uses individual information from Facebook profiles to integrate photos, names and other information into a stark sci-fi warning of what the future will look like if you — personally! — don’t vote today.