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Tequila-Soaked Sin in The Big Tomato, Courtesy of Violet Blue

There are many people who think I still live in San Francisco — which is not true; I moved to Sacramento in 2009 but have in fact not lived in San Francisco since 2004. After that it was briefly L.A., New Orleans, Berkeley, Vallejo, then Oakland for an extended stay, and finally right here in the shadow of the Capitol, where the commuters wear lanyards and eat $8 roast beef sandwiches the size of your head, flee for Roseville at 4:10 pm and the rest of us sit around and differ on matters of just how f*$#!#$*!#ing hot it really is.

The truth is, it’s a charming mid-sized town just a bit smaller than Oakland and a nice change of pace. The rivers are gorgeous, you’re spitting distance from the Sierras, and there’s a cozy not-too-crowded downtown with plenty of old buildings, evocative scenery, funky little restaurants and an astonishing number of trees.

When my good friend sex educator Violet Blue came up from San Francisco to visit me in Sac earlier this year, she landed at the breathtaking Citizen Hotel, whose marketing folks turn out to be huge fans of her books. The Citizen is one of the most gorgeous hotels I’ve ever laid eyes on, and as a former professional meeting planner, I’ve seen hotels all over the country. It’s a seriously evocative noir-ish masterpiece where you’ll expect to see guys with fedoras pulled down low carrying violin cases through the lobby. It’s right upstairs from Grange, a serious high-end restaurant that, if you can spare the lettuce, represents one of the few expensive eateries I’ve ever been to that I feel actually warrants the expenditure. the best of Sacramento locovore culture in a region where the local produce is fresh as hell because the surrounding country grows vast amounts of what all y’all eat…hence our little burg’s crimson-red nickname, The Big Tomato.

What’s more, The Citizen is in my kind of neighborhood — less than a block from the Main Library. Hellz yeah!!

Now the folks at the Citizen have set up the “Roses are Red, Violet Blue” romantic-getaway package for couples (singles, triads…you get the pic) interested in adding a little salacious romance to their weekend away. It celebrates the fact that Violet finished her most recent book, Sweet Confessions, while staying there. From a PRWeb press release:

This Fall, Joie de Vivre’s Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, debuts its fabulously naughty “Roses are Red, Violet Blue” package. The package was inspired by acclaimed sex author and expert Violet Blue, who finished her most recent book while staying at the hotel. Guests who book the package will stay in the very same room where she found inspiration in the hopes that they can channel their inner erotic adventurer. The perfect retreat with a lover—or a weekend away with someone you might like to get to know better (in more ways than one)—guests will be tantalized with an array of erotic and exotic treats, including a silk blindfold, four ties, a bottle of tequila to get the party started, a list of Violet Blue’s recommended websites (to teach them everything they need to know), and much more.

The Roses are Red, Violet Blue package includes:

  • One-night stay in the same deluxe guestroom which Violet Blue stayed
  • Valet parking
  • Signed copy of Sweet Confessions
  • Access to Joie Connect with list of websites recommended by Violet Blue
  • Naughty box
  • Silk blindfold
  • Four ties
  • A bottle of Joie de Vivre Herradura Tequila served with citrus & salts

For more information on The Citizen Hotel, please visit http://www.citizenhotel.com or call (916) 447-2700.

The aforementioned Sweet Confessions, incidentally, is only one of the books Violet worked on this year — add to her list Best Women’s Erotica 2012 (release date December 13, 2011) and One Night Only (release date March, 2012). To tell you the truth, Violet does so damn many of them I can’t always keep track of what she’s working on at any given moment! I believe One Night Only will make twenty-four, if I’m counting correctly…amazing!


Free Audio Story — The Panama Laugh: "St. John of the Throwdown"

The 5,000-ish word “St. John of the Throwdown” is set in the zombie-infested world of my debut novel The Panama Laugh, and is available only as an audio download — free! — with Violet Blue reading, on Violet’s podcast Open Source Sex. In it, a homeless teen sleeping on the beach in San Francisco wakes up having to face a crowd of frat boys — and maybe get sent up for murder.

I wrote “St. John of the Throwdown” specifically for Violet to read at a promotional event for The Panama Laugh this month. She was the very first reader of the novel and gave me some incredibly helpful feedback that basically helped me put the whole latter half of the book together. I based the viewpoint character on what I know of her as a teen, drawing on some of her experiences being young and homeless on the streets of San Francisco.

After generously (and brilliantly) reading “St. John” at Z-Day 2011, Violet even more generously agreed to read and release it for free on Open Source Sex. Check it out on Violet’s Libsyn feed here, go to the direct download link here, or if you use iTunes, access open source sex here. Here’s what Violet says about it, incidentally:

Open Source Sex 88: (Non-sex) The Panama Laugh – St. John of the Throwdown
Sep 14, 2011

Tonight’s podcast is a non-sex short story about zombies – and me. Author of the (awesome) new zombie novel The Panama Laugh wrote a short story based on his novel’s universe where a young female street punk in San Francisco goes up against a pack of zombie frat boys. The author Thomas Roche based the story on my very real life as a homeless teen here in SF. If you like action, horror and zombies (and you like me), you’ll love it. If you don’t like those things, tune in for the next podcast which I promise will be delightfully naughty and fun.